How to make Garen more complete as a champion in the modern game (Courage, Ability tweaks, all insid

Hello, players, i will write down here some ideas i have (and hopefully you'll contribuite to that as well) to kinda take a look at Garen, where he is now, and where he might be in the future as a champion in League. We know Garen is a kinda semplistic champion, very newbi friendly (nothing wrong with that), but he lacks that "something" that allows him the stand out a little bit more. The last rework h recived helped a bit, but didn't solve the problem. So let's start a brainstorm, i'llwrite my ideas and i hope you do the same: **New resource: Courage.** Courage works like this: When you are engaged in combat wih enemy champions or large monsters you slowly gain courage from 0 to 100. At 100 Courage the next ability you cast will have an empowered effect and resets the courage to 0. The Courage meter also go down slowly if you are out of combat. (explanation: Garen's lack of any resource system always bugged me a lot, it's just too dull. But don't worry this won't be a "mana like" system, infact it's totally different and you don't have to "manage" it. It's more like Gnar rage bar, you kinda cannot avoid it and jsut have to use it well. This resource it's a nod to Garen being a leader and an expert warrior with a tactical mind as well, unlike his counterpart Darius with is more about brutal strenght.) **PASSIVE: Perseverance** Every time Garen is hit with a crowd control effect he gains 15% Tenacity, stacking up to 4 times. (explanation: Right now Garen's passive can be really strong but it's also very dull. This kind of passive would make him "thrive" in cc heavy situations in team fights, getting free of the cc faster allowing to chase the right opponent better, that has always been a major problem for garen and this should help with that) **Q: Decisive Stike** Garen gains 30% move speed for few seconds and allows his next basic attack to: - Crit if the target has lower health then Garen OR Reduce the enemy amor by 15% for 5 seconds if it has higher health then Garen. If used at 100 Expertise the ability applies both effects at the same time. (Explanation: Garen's Q would live up to its name with these changes, no more freeing you from slows or silencing the enemy - wich doesn't make any sense - but now being a strong tactical strike, that do more damage and adapts on the situation giving garen more choices as well. still resets auto attacks, but cooldown likely would go up a bit) **W: Demacia's steel** For the next 3 seconds, Garen's magic resistant armor absorb the next magic damage based ability IF gren succesfuly absorb a spell, he gains 50% damage reduction for X seconds (go up with rank) If used at 100 Courage the damage reduction part goes up to 75%. (explanation: This reworked W not only fits the characters lore (Garen WEARS a magic resistant armor) but makes things more interesting while still retaining the old bonus if you fulfill the condition. Basically it absord bot damage and effects of the spell IF IT HAS MAGIC DAMAGE IN IT, otherwhise it doesn't. if you do it, you get the old damage reduction to get going or towerdive or do garen's things.) **E: Judgement** Same as live but with few tweaks: No longer can crit and no longer reduce the enemy armor. would jsut have the base damage a little bit up because: If used at 100 Courage Judgement's radius is increased, and if the enemies are hit 4 times they will be stunned for 0.50 seconds. (explanation: Less overall damage from this ability but added some utility, this is also because Q will do more overall.) **R: Demacian Justice** Similar to live but with few tweaks: No more villain mechanics sicne it's kinda out of character , for me at least, instead the R will ignore any shield on the target. If used at 100 courage Demacian justice will do true damage and it's usable on large monsters. (Explanation: it's overall pretty much what it is now, jsut without the villain mechanic, but will still do pure damage if used at 100 courage. The added effect on being usable on large monsters may be of use for securing a baron or a drake, so you have a little bit of utility there. Ignoring shields it's kidna unique and kinda let the thematic of the ability be more relevant - after all it's a giant blade of light from the sky in your head.) **Conclusion:** In a balanced world Garen with these treworks would still feel like Garen, after all the abilities got some changes but they are still the same at their roots, while also having a much more wide variety of choices to make: i Q this guy or that guy, wait 100 courage to use this or that, need to use the W at this time, and so on. Tell me what you think!
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