I have a feeling people would flame less in ranked if their rank wasn't used as an argument.

Think about it - even if I'm trying to climb to a point where I don't feel like Bot is EZ-mode no matter who I pick, why exactly would I feel the need to get really pissed (other than the wasted time) at a loss due to something stupid like "Hey yeah lets all file one-by-one into their frontline"? The answer, other than "you wasted my time" is "my rank is my validity" - which is something often overlooked. If people want to contribute to making League less toxic, make rank matter less when people bring an argument up please. That way, people in the end have no reason to feel like losing a game they really can't do much about has an impact on their personal validity. Agree/disagree with what they say, not their rank. Edit: this could even extend to individual matches, but I say that as a pseudo-victim to people trying to dissect my match history even when that has little to do with what I say.
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