How about some Inspiration in the rune system?

Here's some advice. The Inspiration Tree is currently geared to whatever whiz-bang thing you think is "really neato" but totally impractical - Summoner spellshards, the Klepto skill that gets you free random crap, the perma-slow and freeze rays, all this stuff. There was a class of players that loved tinkering with rune pages. These were the guys who would mess around with Max Mana pages, and Crit Damage pages, and Experience Boost pages - that sort of nonsense. Everything these guys want should be waiting in the Inspiration Tree. Glacial Augment belongs in Domination. It doesn't have a home in Inspiration, you just stuck it there to fill the tree until the idea guys came, and well, here I come. Minor Rune 1 is O.K. to go. Biscuits, Flashtraption and Perfect Timing all get a PASS. Biscuits improves sustain, Flashtraption is sufficiently gizmoey, and while I consider the Stopwatch an interesting item, selecting it is also a cost efficiency. Minor Rune 2 needs some work. Minion Dematerializer doesn't have any useful function whatsoever, because you just don't GET ENOUGH of them and the effect is too small to be meaningful. Now I know what you were thinking. "We'll use this so players can ensure their last hits actually work at XYZ breakpoint. They can use dematerializers to tune their damage so that blah blah blah" And what did players use BEFORE Dematerializers to ensure that? _Damage_. They used damage. You are giving the players a substitute for Damage. In what alternate universe _is a player going to prefer a "Damage Substitute" to damage?_ Try this. **_Dematerializer Crystal_ - Basic attacks execute minions left below X health. 1% extra damage to minions for each minion absorbed by the crystal. Starts with 3 charges. Gains one charge per minute. Sells for 50 gold.** There! That's a last hitting correction crutch. Creative players can also hock it for 50 extra gold at the game start. And REALLY creative players will time their autos to quickly expand their minion damage. Hanging onto it could give you as much as +45% damage to minions by the game's end, or you can sell it when it's no longer useful. The Last Minor rune needs a total overhaul. We have enough CDR options elsewhere, we don't need a penalty attached to our max health (there is ENOUGH damage in this meta) and the movespeed bonus is out of place. Celestial Body - Your maximum health is increased by 100. Sibilant Mind - Your maximum mana is increased by 100. You gain 20 maximum mana each level. Visionary Spirit - Your wards gain 250 units vision range. Trinket cooldown -25%. Lastly, we need a new Keystone. In my opinion Glacial Augment is very out of place. _**Selfless Soul**_ You gain 10% bonus experience. You and other nearby players gain bonus experience equal to 25% of the experience you would have lost from your presence. Thanks Mordekaiser. Let's face it, a lot of players in the Inspiration tree are gonna be supports. What more can a support give to his lane, than extra vision, a smaller gold burden, and an early level 6?

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