@Riot.. help zyra please

just want to say first.. Sorry i am not a streamer. sorry i am not a pro player Sorry i dont know any Rioters personally Sorry i have zero influence on your decision to help the champion i play out.. She needs help.. Her late game win is high verses her mid game because its really her ult.. nothing about her makes her any better mid to late game. its really just one good ult and she wins because this game is designed as whoever wins the last fight wins the game. Her plants need help... they die when people have AOE .. one zed twirl.. one shyvanna fire wrapping around her.. one anything and her plants are gone and she has to run. You hurt her.. you made her plants one shot melee dead. they hurt so bad.. seriously havent recovered from what you did to her. please fix that.. Shacos boxes do more damage and stay out just as long and are more tankie than her plants. Her snare is garbage.. that short time is not enough.. Udyr, i can land a snare with {{item:3116}} plants helping the slow down after he breaks the snare and he still catches me.. when i only have to run the distance from tier 1 tower to tier 2.. that is sad.. i get people dont understand how to play around her.. but the ones that do slaughter her. Some advice on her passive.. it would be nice if the range of it was lower and increased as she levels. this may even make her a viable jungler if you do this. some consistency would be awesome. also .. late game more plants.. 2 plants??? Hiemer gets 3 turrets.. shaco multiple boxes.. please for the love of god get me some extra plants late game.. they die so fast and it takes so long to get them back when you are getting run down or hunted by assassins.. its just absolutely miserable in the state she is in when people actually know how to play on the enemy team.. please help her.. she needs some help middle and late game. The strat and the way you win late game with her is literally delay till a lucky ult.. that is no way to treat a champion.. just a random ass ult is what you are hoping on... please help Riot.. Please.. Also .. sorry i didnt post this on Reddit because very few of you read your own boards.
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