What is going on with League lately

I just had a game where literally everyone was experiencing Ping issues, everyone in that game has disconnected at least once. In my case I managed to only connect to the game after the 4th try. The enemy draven was also dc'd for a while. Soraka, Yasuo and I had over 1k - 2.5k ping at most times. Even after I managed to get into the game I couldn't play it properly, since I would click to attack the red buff and to kite it, but it would all just freeze and everything would then happen at the same time after 5 seconds. Funny though, Soraka was accusing twitch of DDOS'ing everyone. Is this a major server issue? In cases like this I would usually be told that it's my internet that is at fault here but it can't be that everyone's internet suddently just got bad at the same time. https://i.imgur.com/aoNXW6p.jpg https://i.imgur.com/d2b7FiX.jpg
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