If rito doesn't "enforce a meta"

Edit: I'm honestly surprised at how many people simply don't understand what I'm saying. Then what da fuq is the new champ select? I don't see an option to go 3 mid/bot. I don't see an option for duo top with no jg. I don't see a double jg option. Seems like they do in fact enforce a meta to me. Would doing those things in ranked be stupid? Yes. But if you enforce a meta, don't say that you don't....because they are clearly enforcing a top, mid, jg, bot/support meta. Anytime someone complains about getting a trolling duo that both go top lane with Darius and Garen that combine for 2-28-3, the response is "rito doesn't enforce meta". Well if that's the case, then why can't I go duo jg? Or why can't I just got 3 top with the duo? The fact that these aren't options prove that rito does in fact enforce a meta.
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