Maybe LoL or gaming isn't for me after all....

Hi, I'm a new player of LoL and have been since the 4th of August of this year so about ten days. I had been told by a person about the game and decided to give it a try and eventually became hooked. I first picked Ashe and kinda favored her. Then I turned to Nidalee, then Fiora. {{champion:22}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:114}} Unfortunately, I haven't been enjoying myself. I've "sucked" many times, pretty much being my own bully. I made repeat mistakes, failed to bring justice to the champions and made a fool of myself. I'm only level 13 right now, and I'm not sure what I can do. I've tried all the roles and I'm bad at all of them. Bots are beating me and I can't see myself even attempting to face real life people because I know I'm a failure and won't be able to help my team when they need me, even if I tried my best. I stayed up late in the night, reading guides, rules, the forums(old forums), and other tips and advice to somehow make myself believe, with the slight chance, that I'm actually worth something to the team I play on. I have to be able to play this game. I have to. If I don't, I'm back to my life again. I'm not sure if this can be helped but, maybe I'm just not good at video games.
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