Quick rundown of why support is unpopular

- Interacting with enemies is fun. Riot wants to make sure people fight more often. Jungle even gets changed so you run out of shit to farm, so you find yourself having to gank. Meanwhile the primary support play style is to just wait until something comes at you/your allies, then press one button. Rinse and repeat. - Meaningful item choices is fun. It isn't fun to always build the same items. It isn't a meaningful choice to choose between a strong or weak item. Given support itemization, assuming I'm building like a support, {{item:3107}} I know exactly what {{item:1001}} my build's {{item:2049}} gonna look like {{item:3190}} by the game's end (unless it's a long ass game). - There's a huge plethora of carry-related feedback and data in the game. There's nothing showing how much I healed, how much I shielded, if I saved anyone from otherwise deadly attacks, or whatever a support would be interested in. With this said, can we separate *life steal* from "damage healed"? - Bringing up things about the lackluster game play experience of support (in comparison to other roles) will have a bunch of people come out of nowhere to nay-say you and romanticize the exciting rush of pressing E 500 times in their last Janna game. Short version: A ton of shit that both Riot and the community agree are fun and good for the game are things support players are actively left out on. There's not much feedback for support players to feel pride in as they attempt to polish their skills, and if you bring up the faults of the role, people drown you out with stupid shit that doesn't negate the point.
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