Turret Plating snowballs the winning team even harder

If you are winning your lane you can get up to 750 gold from turret plating If you are losing you wont be able to get any gold from enemy turrets since turret plating falls at 15 minute mark. So much for the extra gold that you can get when you lose and trying to make any comebacks and this actually snowballs the winning team harder and comebacks for losing team is far less achievable. If lets say you are on the winning team you should get at most 50 gold when destroying turret plate. Up to 250 gold for the winning team. If you are on the losing team you should get 150 gold from destroying turret plate. Up to 750 gold for the losing team Turret plates are not suppose to fall unless you destroy them so the losing team is able to get some gold from it so they can make a comeback Bounty makes no difference from before but just shows the value of a champion and does nothing else. This changed nothing except that a feeder now gives minimum of 100 gold when it was lower than before while max gold is 1000 when before it was higher
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