Riots pairing is flawed

Great job riot on the pairing system you have. Putting certain skilled players with others who should never be in that game. over half my games this is true. This is absolutely surreal. You accept money for this game, fix your system. Or publically address your customers that you don't give two shits less about lower elo players and just want to rake in as much revenue as possible. Next time i get someone with 3cs/m in a game I'm going to go off. I'm tired of this. Your reporting button of "intentional feeding" is a feel good button. Not once have i seen action taken if someone feeds their ass off because you know there is a complete skillcap difference in these games. If anyone else has looked at legal options please contact me. I've invested too much time and money in this to consistently waste time when the company is putting out bad product to it's customers. If anyone can tell me one instance where someone was punished for intentional feeding that wasn't provoked by people flaming them please tell me. For the internet trolls, leave this one alone. This is a genuine complaint from someone who's invested a shit ton of money and time that any other product would face civil liability for. If this post is removed, i need to be given a reason. There is nothing that violates terms of service.
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