Anyone else noticing autofil is unhealthy?

Since autofill came out I've been noticing how unhealthy it is for the game. I've noticed a DRASTIC increase on people dodging, making it take even longer to finally get into a game. (today I had 10 games dodged in a row with about a 2 minute wait time between each que, each person saying something along the lines of "fuck autofill") I've noticed a lot more people being toxic in pre-game lobby because they're getting forced into a role they didn't want to play or a role they absolutely hate. I know I've been given ADC twice and dodged because I HATE the playstyle of an ADC. I've noticed (for normal draft) que times are longer than before autofill came out because people are going to blind since they have a better shot at getting the role they want. It's like autofill is like how queing support second was a while back; you're much more likely to get autofilled now then getting either of your selected roles. I played 10 games in a row and 7 of those I got autofilled, no matter what my selected roles were (I even put jungle/support a couple games and I got top and bot for those games) Once I even got into a game that all 5 of us had gotten autofilled into roles we didn't want, so we all swapped to the roles we wanted, it was actually pretty funny and we all had a chuckle.
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