League is at a state in the game where it's not even enjoyable to play anymore.

This may be just me, but I don't enjoy games that are sometimes not even 15 minutes long because of snowballing being out of control. I don't like one sided games where it's just open mid over and over again. I don't like afk split push top laners like Tryndamere, Nasus, Udyr, Yorick who take Demolisher and do nothing but apply pressure top lane the entire game. I don't like the ganking meta where if you get ganked in the bot lane and die once, the lane is over. I don't like how you get 600 gold for free for taking the first tower. I don't like future market exists to further on press your advantage and keep your lead even further for no reason. I don't like looking at people's OP.GG's and saying "oh, we just lose" because the matchmaking is complete dog shit and Riot is apparently aye ok with it. Honestly, I could play a game of Hearthstone and it would last longer than what these games are lasting. Let me make this clear; **I don't even enjoy winning the game anymore**. I miss the competitive aspect of League, not the "Well the score is 11/2 by the 12 minute mark, I guess we win. Woohoo?" You're not allowed to fuck up once, like at all, or the game is just over. How is this fun? How is it fun and compelling for the enemy team to just watch the game go into the enemy teams favor with nothing to comply with? Come backs are just impossible, straight up. You aren't allowed to farm your way back into the game because the game is already over before you can start.
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