Like how do you even play ranked anymore?

Guys tell me I know things can get though and sometimes the games are unlucky but tell me does unlucky mean literaly every second game I play getting players so bad or the player diffrance is so big that everyone is literaly feeding and not only that they are inting. I'm talking 10+kills behind too early in the game while I'm getting blamed 50% of the times because in that time I'm jungler and for some weird reason in these players mind it's: 0 gank lose lane -> because they can't learn from their mistakes, they can't wait for me to clear jungle (not whole but jeez at least few camps) which sometimes takes eternity, no they have to constantly die and bitch in the chat how useless I am and that I didn't gank their lane. Or the times where you get ARAM'd on mid but your team doesn't help and than flames you, let me tell you one example when it happened: - jungler comes mid, after few minutes toplaner came mid, after few minutes botlane was mid with around level 7 not even 10th minute no turrets pushed on both sides, and than everyone in lategame because mid is always for some reason prioritised. Ok and for all that my team blames me that I'm bad and that I picked Yi mid......... (literaly "you pick Yi mid") I can't lie to you guys this seems like a really fun gameplay, I can imagine myself having fun in such a situation: being totaly out of control even if you are the strongest on your team - it just feels like so much **fun**.

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