Please I need some help!!! Can anyone explain to me why I am constantly losing games and getting the players that Im getting ....If Im not the one doing 90% of the work in the 5 man game I can't win and sometimes it doesnt matter how well I do these people just dont care and decide to do what they want. I AM NO CHALLENGER PLAYER IM HUMAN IM NORMAL ALL I WANT IS PEOPLE WHO TRY OR FOR RIOT TO PUT ME WITH PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE GAMES. I don't ask for much infact I don't want mind controlled zombies in my game but Jesus christ if Im not the one doing almost everything and typing who should do what nothing gets done . This is unfair and riot has been autofilling me nonestop that throws me off Listen I need a Coach or a fucking booster because I feel like Im going to go mad with these players. Its been so long since I gotten fair games. I even remembered one game I lost where I could sit and say ggwp indeed because both teams tried and did their best. Im getting tristana top? And these people you try to help them and tell them things to help us but their egos are so far up their asses the flame you before trying to understand the situation. " Yas ranges quits because he goes 2/12 and eve didnt use ult to kill people....she wasnt even in range" And riot is made it so hard for me because I play alot and they give me 16 lp per win and take off 20 21 22 23 lp per loss.....and Im genuinely not losing games on purpose.I work my ass off but when 2 or 2 players in my game dont want to do their jobs what do I get -24 hl and a lowered mmr to give me worse players and all I can do is report someone thay won't even get a penalty. PLEASE IF THEIR IS ANYONE OUTTHEIR WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT IM GOING THROUGH HELP. I NEED ADVICE A COACH SOMETHING ITS NOT FAIR FOR ME TO GIVE MY TIME AND MONEY TO SOMETHING I LOVE AND HAVE PEOPLE NOT EVEN MAKE ME GET A CHANCE AT ENJOYING IT!!!! FYI RIOT DOESNT CARE UNLESS THEY GETTING MY MONEY
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