Trundle Buff: Alleviate the Tiamat Tax

I think this is a good way to assist a struggling champion in a soloQ way. Trundles soloQ identity is more about being a strong pusher and a bully where pro play prioritizes his debuffs. Something like this would help him push without Tiamat (since he was affected by the price hike harder than others) and assists his clear speed a good deal; which I think is fair compensation for how brutally his already weak ganks were butchered on account of pro play. Frozen Domain : Trundle now cleaves on basic attacks for 15%(?) of AD while he's standing on it. This helps alleviate Tiamat tax and assists Trundle in losing lanes (mages and ranged champions who can shove him in) as well as boosting his jungle clear. It has little effect on his damage against champions so he won't stat check harder or anything.

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