matchmaking is shit

this is fucking ridiculuos if it's not matchmaking then fucking none of these players know any fundamentals of the game you setup a perfect freeze on your creep wave the bestest freeze bro you will be farming up forever and your opponent will at most only get xp. what does your jungler do he fucks up your freeze, ofc he fucking does it doesn't matter if you typed in chat asked nicely pinged him explained the mechanics NO NO he's gonna fucking screw up the freeze and gift xp to enemy laner. why? why is this allowed? is this guy not torlling? i know this at the elo i'm at, how does he not? we're in the same match, he should by default know this much cause it's entry lvl. explain cause it's fucking ridiculous now and i'm gonna fucking hard flame any dumb ass junglers that do this from now on because it's blatant griefing honestly. don't even fucking pretend it isn't. i'm in a RANKED GAME TRYING TO WIN I HAVE SETUP THE PERFECT WIN CONDITONS and this guy fucks my win strat really? is he not literally being toxic through his gameplay? this is fucking stupid brain dead players all over the fucking game and they make it unplayable. and no one wants to admit that it's either the long term effects of role select or fucking riot not giving us tools to punish griefers, or heck the community encouraging griefers. "oh but he doesn't know" exactly i even explained to him why he shouldn't do the thing, and he did it anyway and we then lose the game because i'm 12 minions short of lvl 18, which my jungler took, isn't that fantastic. and ofc he's not gonna gank ever he's just gonna fuck the lane dynamic and assume his job is done. fu8cking sick of this shit
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