revert urgot riot hear me out Please vote

Please hear me out, Please revert Urgot bring back our Urgot that we loved he was good and unique fun to play and much rewarding in late game. you reverted LB and ZAC why not Urgot even though he has huge visual update than the two but its still can happen reduce his size by little and bring back the hidden gem of Zaun. now he is boring his W feels weird and feels slow to control sluggish and no one plays him much, even though the new one got little update and his shield moved from W to his E was it a mistake or a its hard to swallow your pride when it was a bad rework am sorry to say this but i loved playing Urgot he was my favorite champ. it was sad experience to play him after the rework i tried to adjust but it didn't feel like Urgot just another tank with execute ult felt boring its looks like dumb down version no skill required (no fun) just build him tank and wait for your ult like Garen. was the rework outcome was what you hoped for. look at Yummi and Ivren now they are unique why not bring back the Urgot. []( "I detect the presence of scum." "Eternal life... endless torture." "Fear? No... I am the mindkiller." Urgot mains please lets try to bring our beloved cute Urgot If riot saw there is acceptance of the change hopefully they will hear us [](
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