What with the placebo nerfs recently?

It's almost as if Riot deliberately does NOTHING and show COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE when it comes to balance of broken champions: {{champion:39}}: dominates solo queue in almost every way, very often banned simply because she's way overturned and oppressive. can cheese you from 100-0 at any stage of the game **Riot: -5 base ms nerf ** {{champion:104}}: dominates jungle for the entirety of season, abuses {{item:3095}} and,come mid game, deletes any squishy in just a few autos **Riot: -3 base AD nerf ** {{champion:7}}: hits level 2 and half of your health is gone. Playing a mage into this is suicide mission. Destroys almost anything when ahead,is easy to play,doesn't require much effort to cheese anything,especially early. **Riot: -10 W damage at all levels. ** Remember,these champions have been untouched for PATCHES and PATCHES, with Riot basically ignoring them as champions that outperform any other picks on their respective roles and only getting "addressed" a few patches back. But guess what, not even **TWO PATCHES** in since an immobile mage transitioned to toplane to avoid all this cancer: Viktor Siphon Power (Q) Discharge Damage lowered from 20/50/80/110/140 to 20/45/70/95/120 Chaos Storm (R) Discharge damage lowered from 150/250/350 to 130/210/290 And gets increased AP scaling on both. To balance it our for his lategame. For your information,late game is nonexistant today. I also thought ** someone** said they won't nerf Viktor simply because of this transition? From gameplay thoughts of October 24rth: > Based off all of that we're not looking to make any changes to Viktor specifically at present. We'll see where things end up post 8.23, nothing's currently looking too concerning though. Current patch: 8.21 Oh look, new LB and Graves skins are on PBE. I wonder if that correlates to these placebo nerfs decisions somehow... **Riot, get your balance team's head out of "AD/cheese bias" ass and start making _ACTUAL NERFS_ to champions that deserve them.**
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