A creative solution to snowballing

basically 2 things 1. Give towers a small amount of health regen, so succesfully defending one for a looong time actually means something and allows you to keep more control of that map section. This will help in many situations for example when i play sion into yasuo i know i lose that matchup earlygame untill i get sunfire cape or at least bami cinder and a chain vest then i can hold my own much better But by that time i have been pushed in alot had to base an extra time and mu turret, because of all that is laready half health, even if i can after succesfully defend it for another 20 minutes its still half health. Just from having a bad early lane matchup you can be stuck with a really low tower for the rest of the game even if you manage to pull even again and defend it for a long time. Imho its ok to lose early lanefase vs a bad early macthup ofc your turret will suffer too, but if you then manage to keep it alive and defend it very long it should at least regenerate a bit. I think it should be up to the one with the stronger early game to utilize this to actively pull themselfes ahead and then use this to force down a turret either with help or forcing your opponent out enough to take it yourself or at least more quickly after lanefase ends. This way a stronger early game relative to your lane opponent doesnt result in auto snowball simply because their turret will drop much quicker even later on into the game simply by being able to whittle it down over 10 minutes by doing nothing with your power advantage. 2. An item which allows you to rebuild a fallen turret, this could be a 30 second channel with a 30-45 second cooldown if you get hit by damage the channel is cancelled or alternatiuvely if hit by cc if it's too ineffective It will be a challenge to rebuild a turret because it will take a decent amount of time to do and is easy to interupt which creates a minigame where you can utilize the item to restore a turret if granted enough time by your opponents. To prevent abuse too much the item should give tanky stats but at lowish gold efficiency so you would really want it for the active. The item will require teamwork to restore a turret and can often be disrupted by a single opponent for example a xerath with his utlimate could easily interupt it then the item would go on cooldown. before anyone say but restoring turrets is overpowerd, there are many balance levers available. for instance The amount of health the turret will be restored with, this could easily be something like 25% after channeling for 20-25 seconds and the remainder channel regenrates it up to 50 -75% the amount of gold restored turrets would give, this can be regular turret gold or only local gold or even reduced gold if gold is an issue These would be 2 things i'd love to see in league **Edit:**_for clarification im talking about roughly 100 health regen per minute with towers having over 3k health it will take a full game to regenerate which means you can't just opress someone in the first 5 minutes of laningfase and bring it down to 30-40% and take it super easy after your opponents defend it for a very long time._
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