Shaping up to be the worst season ever, WTG RIOT!

I mean the games been declining for a while and last season was one of the worst on record only surpassed by the epic fail of their broken solo que of season 7. This season though just WOW balance is easily at the worst its ever been okay fine w/e, the damage creep is beyond obnoxious at this point ok w/e...BUT NOW THE MATCH MAKING IS ALSO ROCK BOTTOM, i mean its utterly meaningless.... 9 seasons and you manage to get it worse and worse instead of better? The amount of utterly misplaced riffraff in every match is just sickening. It used to be terrible with this terrible ranking system where "we all win or lose" and get rewarded or punished the same (go 9/1/10 and lose the same LP as the guy who went 0/13/1 who did 2k dmg as full dmg build yasuo you both lose the same amount ROFL) for example, even bigger insult is the fact they added a system that provides each player with a performance metric hahaha but we wont use that to determine individual rewards or penalties for wins/loses that would be crazy wouldnt it? The gap in every match of mine of the players involved it at the worst i have ever seen not by a little bit by by a HUGE margin. I am clearly playing with people that are at best bronze in every way.
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