Lego Lejends is all weird again

tl;dr, Change isn't bad, I just don't have a clue of what to do now and that sucks I have not played league since like season 4, it's like what season 6/7 now? Now I'm confused as hell, so I went on like a mini adventurer to explore whats good and what isnt. There's this new alternative to the machete now, didn't think that was good so I stuck to the classic machete. Big mistake because Blue buff now has roids and whoops my ass, perhaps I should have taken the other item and got better masteries...speaking of masteries. I am no longer familiar with the entire last row of all 3 branches...going off text alone, deathfire and strength of the ages seems to be my go to mastery depending on champ. Starter items, I got 99 different potions but mana pots aint one...Where'd my good ol Flask go?? Am I suppose to grab these instead of doran's shield? Probuilds still exists, thank god for that...I like seeing what everyone else is doing and form connections. Has not much changed? I'm still building the same 4-5 items I've been building in s4. Except for this new hip zzrot portal that seems popular with every tank, that wasnt there before. While I'm still in probuilds...I notice junglers I once knew to be junglers aren't building jungle items anymore. Like where the hell is rammus's smite? Popularity 7%?? Oh my god, what did you dooooo!

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