Riot does not understand their game anymore

I was doing some research in the history of league in my spare time and I came across a very interesting article created by Riot back in 2017 which was for whoever wanted to join them. Source Quote: **The players who like our game spend a lot of time playing. They have high expectations and quality standards, because gaming is their passion and an important piece of their life. They can tell when a feature has been designed by someone who does not understand his product, and they would not like it. Building products that are the passion of other people is not like building a commodity. You can translate this idea to people who have a passion for movies. Do you think they would pay 15$ to go to a theater to watch a movie made by a director who does not like films? Probably not. So NO, you don't need to be a LoL player, but we are looking for people with an affinity for MMOs, competitive shooters, or MOBAs in general, etc. Of course, we expect that you will have played LoL and have an educated opinion on it. Because it would be unprofessional otherwise. And unfortunately, it won't be an educated opinion if you have only played 30 minutes.** > They can tell when a feature has been designed by someone who does not understand his product, and they would not like it Well, that is League right now. We can tell and KNOW that not only you don't understand your only product but also don't care for it's playerbase. And thats actually true considering that they try to fool the playerbase by creating pointless events, event passes, skins and the gold crap skins, so that we don't notice the condition of this game and let me tell you that what once was the BEST MOBA now is just a meh game which will slowly die no matter what you try. Back to the title, they don't understand LoL anymore, heck now that I notice it, even the name does not fit the games lore anymore (you know, when they just deleted the summoners lore), they just want to make more money off it. Remember when Riot actually heard the community calling them out on balancing issues and they fixed them? Good days. Remember when they actually balanced the game more than just adding visual effects to make it look prettier? Old summoners rift did not look as good as this one but it had a backstory to it and we could forgive the "Field of Justice" looking not so great but the champions, the abilities, the LORE being balanced and interesting? Yeah, that was League! We have high expectations and quality standards but it seems than you don't anymore. I can't believe how you overlook ON PURPOSE, the game being at this state it is right now! Riot, we loved you, we cared about you, we gave money to you for not cool looking skins, not for passes, not for anything, just because we loved this game. I just don't feel this love for the game anymore and I don't think im the only player that thinks this way. I open the gameplay boards every single day just to see "Nerf Riven" "Nerf Yasuo" "Nerf Vayne" over and over again. For us to repeat this, there has to be a reason and yet you respond by buffing champions like mundo or garen! nobody thought they were too weak or too strong! why will you not adress the big issues instead of trying to fool us?! Ok, I know I started to repeat myself so let me end it by saying that; Riot, if you want your game to not die, start hearing to the players like you used to and if you don't want to, just play your game, this meta you have forced and you will see what is wrong in a single match cause right now, from the 3 pillars that holds a game alive (story,art,gameplay) you unfortunately have only the art one still holding. Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this.
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