Stop giving every champion 7000 ways to get out of a bad decision.

All this mobility just creates a game where champions with mobility don't actually have to make a decision because they can just bail out of it on no cooldown (since everything has CDR now). It's maddening. Edit: Since this got popular here's an idea to fix it rather than just complaining. If Kassadin uses his ult to escape and not hurt someone it should cost double or triple the normal mana cost. If Ezreal dashes away without hitting anyone should cost A LOT of mana. Tristana uses W to escape? Double mana. Kayn makes a bad decision but uses one of his 879 dashes to bail out? Double mana. Make it so these brainless mobility champions are actually punished for the safety in their kit rather than rewarded for doing whatever the fuck they want since they can just wait 5 seconds and everything is fine.
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