What i think could make Neeko more viable

This champion is barely being played. i didn't see her in my past 40 games. and TBH i can understand why. she has some major drawbacks and quite frankly there are many burst mages who do what she does just a lot better and there is no real reason to pick Neeko. IMO, If you increase her cc duration across the board she would be a lot more viable.. she needs to be untargetable during her ult (like xayah becomes untargetable).. it's just ridiculous... champions like tryndamere can kill her during the 1.5 seconds channel. Making her untargetable during her ult warm up would give her some room to outplay enemies like dodge a major skillshot ability and following up with a stun with a huge amount of damage. regarding her Q....it's like not possible to get the third proc of her Q without rooting an enemy. even if they don't try to dodge it. My suggestions: Q - Slow the target by 15-25% to actually allow it to proc the third pop E - 1.5 seconds up from 0.5. becomes empowered after hitting 3 minions or one enemy champion and gains an extra 1 second of root to all the targets hit. R - 1.5 channel during which neeko becomes **untargetable** and stuns enemies for 2 seconds up from 1.5 seconds. Increasing the ult stun to 2 up from 1.5 would allow her enough time to actually escape from the middle of the fight and not get immediately focused straight afterwards.. It's just a thought i had about this champion... if you like it drop an upvote and comment, if you don't leave a comment and explain why. if you intend to downvote without leaving a comment just leave this discussion.
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