Rumble "buffs" are fine, but it's not what he needs. @RiotWittrock

Hello everyone, it's your favourite Rumble-themed Malicious Metal rip-off with some more Rumble thoughts. Well, it took some time to get here, but here we are! [Rumble is getting buffed]( after his massive performance drop and... it's disappointing. The changelist as of now is: The Equalizer (R) Tick Rate lowered from 0.5s to 0.25s Linger Duration lowered from 1s to 0s Total Damage (over 5s) increased from 650/925/1200 (+150%AP) to 700/1050/1400 (+200%AP) Slow increased from 35% to 45% First of all, ult only and essentially number only changes, it's already proven to be the biggest reason of Rumble's current balance issues and yet he's still getting only those useless "+200 on an ability" buffs? After his kit has already been butchered in terms of both skill expression and effectiveness, it'll only work if the numbers prove themselves to be too high to deal with and only because there's also very little ways to negate them. Second, ult only buffs is a terrible way to go about things. I have stated this a lot of times, I've seen people share this opinion and I will keep saying it, ***Stop pidgeonholding Rumble as a dedicated ult bot*** I hate the fact that Rumble's entire balance revolves around his ult, I hate that it essentially prevents him from having an actually good laning phase, I hate that Rumble also can't have an actually good late game because combination of these two "might prove overbearing". I'd much rather have Rumble get his base kit buffed and ultimate nerfed to compensate rather than keep his base kit as terrible as possible for the sake of his ult being as strong as it is (which it really isn't as of now). I suppose I should take about the actual changes now huh, for what they are, they're... fine. They will certainly have an impact, they might make Rumble's ult feel a bit better, increased slow and decreased tick rate sound pretty good, but if you read closely, and look into the full changelist, you might quickly realise that it's just a poor excuse for an unwarranted nerf. The particular part being "linger duration from 1 second to 0". How Rumble's ultimate works as of now, is that after you step into it, rather than being continously burned like how Flamespitter works, it rather applies a very short DoT onto you that deals damage and refreshes if you keep standing in it, this change makes Equalizer now more consistent with Flamespitter where you only take damage when standing directly on top of it. Now, if you just glance over it you might think "gee, it helps keep the gameplay clarified and more fair to play against Rumble, what's the big deal?" The big deal is that, this change alone dismisses these changes from being called buffs, I'd even dare to say that it's actually a nerf with meaningless compensation. The linger mechanic while not explained very well, played an important role in Rumble's kit, as it allowed him to still gain some value from his ult in fights against high mobility targets or slow resist/movement speed stacking, and while it might felt cheap to die to it, it was vital for Rumble's survival against the likes of Riven, Yasuo and Fiora. Now not only will it be even worse in the face of overwhelming mobility creep, but also any shmuck buying Swifties, Doran's Shield and Spectre's Cowl will still be completely unaffected by Rumble's ult, since the damage buff doesn't really kick in until late game (which is also not enough to help his pitful late game) and the slow increase is very minor. So to get a quick recap of all the changes happening, Rumble's base kit remains untouched, and left in the dumpster to rot, Riot pretty much openly admits to designing Rumble as an LCS ult bot and nothing else, his laning phase against divers/high mobility targets got even worse, and now a solo laner that had very little freedom is now even more team dependant and cannot be picked without a shitton of hard AoE CC to back damage buff. Please Riot, rethink these changes, push them to later patch (8.7, 8.8, hell, next preseason if you have to), try to find a better solution to Rumble's problems, and don't release these changes as they are, the last thing Rumble needs is a powershift/small-sized nerf.
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