Uhhh wtf is Zed?

{{champion:55}} v{{champion:238}} both full hp. His W is on cooldown. He misses Q, has no energy. I have {{item:1036}}{{item:1036}}{{item:3191}} vs his {{item:3134}}{{item:1036}}{{item:3672}} at lv 10 (no rank 2 R yet). I go in, Q, E, W, auto, pick up the Q dagger, auto He presses R, auto E auto. Procs Electrocute. I R, proccing Conqueror. His W comes back up and he dashes away. I E back to the minions, and his ult procs and kills me. I had 90 armor. 90. Armor. What? If he builds {{item:3155}} it makes him unkillable for me until I build {{item:3135}} which I can't build before {{item:3146}} if I want to be an actual champion... why does {{item:3191}} not force him to build {{item:3035}}? Why is he allowed to miss everything and fight me when he has no Q, no W, and still come out on top, even though I have 90 armor?
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