Can Poppy recieve some major defensive boosts?

Being a """tank""" that dies in a quarter of a second to a combination of mixed, true, and %health damage while nontank champions like {{champion:86}} and {{champion:19}} get absurd % damage reduction to actually tank hits is completely retarded. Revert the 7.4 nerfs entirely. Losing 33% of her bonus resistances on W, on a warden of all things, is beyond the pail. Her W does literally nothing when every champion in the game has 20 dashes and she can only interupt one of them. Fucking offtank Teemo is more durable than a full tank Poppy. She loses lane to every single fucking character in the game and has one of the worst late game falloffs after a woah-ho-ho 49% winrate from 20-40 minutes Meanwhile Garen who is deliberately meant to have a lategame "fall off" is 51%, doing a shitload better than other toplaners can achieve at their peak. Tired of this burst meta where the only counters to damage are to get more damage faster and busted % damage reduction that most tanks don't even have access to.
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