I think the largest gameplay issue at the moment is folks who just give up then check out.

Its not a battle royal, don't just move on to next mentally. I'm tired of wins where 1 enemy clearly gives up over nothing. Im tired of losses where some give up. Oh no! a team has a 4 kill lead. Ge golly gosh 1 of your lanes lost, what a shame that not every player on your team was superior to their peers. It's a really pathetic excuse for folks to give up because a role did poorly, you expect all 4 teammates to pull more weight then the enemy or its GG... Some how you don't see the consistent link in every game is yourself and your banking on 4 RNG allies to pull your weight? Team game, act like it, stop soft inting. Everybody is clear that you taking wolfs and scuttle is not worth losing towers. If your kit is needed for the teamcomp and your off fucking around and don't react to the 5 v 4 slow push ultimately resulting in losing 2 towers and a inhibitor then your the weakest link in the game, regardless of KDA. If 1 lane behind results in 1-2 people who just rollover for me that's being down 2-3 players, Just go afk cuz your useless. Get banned then go play a different game. Losing because some one gives up is boring. Winning because enemies give up, also boring. PvP gameplay is build by the players This games better with the removal of folks who soft AFK to try and force a /FF. Triggered/called out by my post? Shame on you for resembling it. If you don't then its not directed to you, nothing to be upset by.
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