Does Skarner need some help?

I was playing Skarner in ARAM (did bad but had fun doing so) and thought about his kit, i feel like his passive could see some more improvements and his whole Kit need more Synergy power by itself. I wanna give my opinion just because i feel like with the little that i know, make it that much harder to figure this out. **Sustain in Jungle/build path** I feel like the recommended build is really healthy for him and how he is jungles make it hard to stay healthy, in the end, even the small DoT heal and lifesteal doesnt feel on par with his kit, his waveclear is good, but he cant stay healthy at all, maybe because his armor is low? (during my trials i did use double armor and still feel like he need to be better at this) his clear power in drake is pretty good, but still need work anyways, feel like as a whole he is weak when it comes to jungle clear **His Entire Kit** HIs Kit as a whole lacks power beside his E and R, his Q and W i feel need some power or something, he just feel weak. **Role is unclear** With his build path, he starts out as an AD bruiser, but then turns into a tanky style champion, this to me is confusing, if he a Bruiser, then he should have a build revolving closing gaps and going all in, but he lacks damages even when building bruiser like style, then of course he lacks any redeeming stats that make him a tank either, making this harder to put him at, it make me unclear why i should take lots of items that dont seem to help him *what does he need* In short, base off what i feel, he need some QoL changes, Messing around with his Passive to make it more independent instead of relieing on being around his Crystal, The Crystal should more or less be helpful with clearing camps, but as for 1v1 or teamfights, it shouldnt base off of whether or not he nearby his Crystal or not. his Q need more Synergy power allowing sheen to work with his Q which should allow AA reset (which doesnt). then Depending on what role he really suppose to fill (bruiser or tank, riot's point of view) you give him bonus AD ratio to his W and E or more ways to sustain to output more damage. If I am wrong, please correct me and guide me, because building this {{item:1400}} feel like crap, and i feel like he could be better
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