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So, about 2 months ago I played my first ranked provis and landed in Silver 5. Now, my friend told me that right after that, I had about a week were I could continue climbing and I could not get demoted to Bronze I. Obviously that week has passed, but he said if I go to play more ranked, I still cannot get demoted down to bronze because I am silver. Either that or if I play and I fail miserably, it will warn me that if I continue playing poorly I will be demoted. So my plan is to play ranked, see how high I can climb, and If i get that warning just stop playing ranked and get the silver border at the end of the season. I'm not sure if any of that is true, and I'd like some confirmation before I go and climb. So the question, if I play ranked, can I be demoted to Bronze I, will it warn me, and If I do get demoted can I climb back up? Thanks!

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