So Varus is being looked at for patch V8.8 (Varus Changes) []( >Varus >A few of you might remember a change to Varus I talked about around a year ago that never ended up happening which would involve changing a bit of his kit's functionality. Was intended to ship around the same time as the addition of the Attack Speed ratio to his passive, ended up getting delayed repeatedly however because it needed visual effects/sound changes and other things were higher priority. We finally had a chance to get round to doing that art/audio work though, so will have that change in 8.8. That change is the addition of an active to his W that looks like this at rank 1. >Active: Varus' next Piercing Arrow deals bonus magic damage equal to 6% to 9% of the target's missing health (scales with Piercing Arrow charge). 40s CD. No mana cost. >Magic damage scales up to 12%-18% by W rank. It's still going through final balancing, so numbers aren't final. First goal is to ensure that, no matter what his build is, some of Varus's Q shots are still really impactful. Second is to offer an additional skill test, rewarding those who can call the shots that are both most important and likely to hit (long CD means you need to pick the right Q). >This change does add some power to Varus, so depending on where he ends up after the Rageblade cost increase in 8.7 might take a bit of power out elsewhere. >Riot _Meddler_ The full article: What is everyone's thoughts on this?
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