What's the difference between Abuse and Innovation?

Everyone these days throws around the buzzword "abuse" as if champions shouldn't be building certain items. Yet, at the same time, people also rage at riot when they kill off "off-meta" things. Today I simply ask, what's the difference between innovation and abuse? Is Lucian abusing armor pen items? Is Lucian innovating to the meta by using armor pen items to be relevant early game? You could apply the case to many things but you understand my point. Why shouldn't Lucian, or some other champions, not build to be relevant or stronger? Because they aren't meant to use said items? Then what's the point in innovating? What's the point in strategic diversity when it's apparently broken? Clearly if one build for a champion that's unintended is better than the intended, there's a problem with either set of items. Of course that just stems back to the problem with critical strike as far as Marksmen go.
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