The LoL Client is disgusting garbage and badly needs to be fixed

Client glitches I have found in 1 week (I've been getting more and more glitches over time, these are just the ones I bothered to record): - crashes immediately after exiting spectate mode (sends message claiming that an update needs to be done etc.) - client refuses to let me change position roles in queues - refuses to load postgame stats and crashes when choosing 'skip waiting for stats' option - refuses to load menu for practice tool - refuses to load practice tool - client won't let me view or change runes in champ select - client won't let me select any queue when I want to play (i.e. if I want to play 'ranked solo/duo' the client won't let me select it. This also happened in Swifte's stream) - client loads black screen instead of champ select. This is a newer glitch and has forced me to dodge at least half a dozen times in the last three days - client sometimes doesn't load friendlist or chat, claiming there's a connection issue when there isn't - shop doesn't always load, as do numerous other images, videos etc. in the client - also claiming a nonexistent connection issue (this is a picture of the 'black screen' glitch) other issues: - occasional extreme lag during champ select - lag when opening client - lag when signing in on client - lag when opening the shop - client taking up as much space as Google Chrome with multiple tabs open. (I don't know how much of the lag is due to my toaster laptop or the client being a space gobbling, over-designed behemoth but there you go lul) It's ridiculous that the client is this terrible, especially for a game as popular as LoL and it's disgraceful that Riot won't even acknowledge the issue despite dozens of threads about it. Not to mention, the client has become glitchier, laggier, and generally worse over time. Please fix
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