The buff(s) Nasus actually needs

+12 was a nice buff don't get me wrong but it really doesn't address his issues that make him a weak champion. -Weak waveclear -Weak disengage -Weak engage -Weak early game -Weak late game -Weak teamfighting Now a champion to be balanced needs some weaknesses but Nasus just has too many ways to be exploited. I am suggesting with this buff we remove his weak late game and his weak wave clear by making his Q have a AoE component to it. Once Nasus reaches 400 stacks his Q should upgrade and should hit in a smallish AoE around his target (Think Karthus Q size) This will first allow Nasus to wave clear much better mid game and escalate his stacks to a meaningful level when late game rolls around. Nasus just fails too hard on his late game fantasy of a infinant scaling god. Mainly because his early game is so weak that for Nasus to reach his late game takes 5-10 more minutes than everyone else. 400 stacks is usually achieved on average around 16-17 min if you are decent so well after the early game and well into the mid game still leaving plenty of time to establish an advantage against Nasus.
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