I think League has lost its main selling point.

When i first found this game back in season 2 i remember the website that told me about it said one of the game's "pros" was that every match was different. As someone that had never played a MOBA and was tired of the senseless grind of MMORPGs this was the thing that lured me in. Fast forward to season 8 to me it feels like this game has lost that. I feel like i've played the same match for 7 months just with (Sometimes) different champions. But every game feels the same, i know how the game is going to go 10 minutes in and my teammates do to and this is why they give up after a rough early game because the game becomes predictable at this point. You are going to slowly bleed to death with no way to stop the bleeding until you lose. So this is what League has come to. Perhaps one day it'll go back to what it was.
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