Game has gone downhill hard (rant warning)

I am literally done. this game has turned into garbage, and i dont even enjoy it anymore after years of playing. The champ pool has gotten too large for Riot to deal with. They only actually give a solid look at a few champs at a time. Usually ones they dont even NEED to be worried about. Meanwhile, a huge chunk of the champ pool is garbage to seriously play, vs people who only play the "top tier" champs, aka the champs that are op (relatively) or the select few balanced in any given lane. They legit need to hire more people. When a champ gets nerfed beyond the point of reason they are basically removed from the game. Over the next few months they may slowly get a buff here and there but we all know they will still be unplayable. Why do you think the same champs are in almost every game? Out of roster of what, 150 or something? Same couple every lane every game, barring a few so disgusting they can mid AND top effectively. And thats generally because of champ kit. I'm tired of half the roster being basically unavailible if i want a fair chance at winning AND not just being buttfucked in lane for the first 10 min. Its not fun to just get slaughtered and struggle for some simple cs just because you picked outside of the small "acceptable" pool of lane champ. Is it really so ureasonable to expect most champs to be worth playing consistantly? Stop releasing new champs if you cant make over half the ones you already HAVE worth playing! Speaking of lane, there was a time when you could actually try new things and win games and have fun.. now most champs have been pigeonholed into a lane or playstyle and if they find success anywhere else they get nerfed in ways to not only prevent then from being in that position because "insert BS riot reason here", but often to make them weak in their "intended" lane for a few patch cycles. And there is no coming back from a lane where god forbid you give up a kill or two early. Then your entire game becomes "try to get an occasional cs and not get jumped and die", because... Damage. Is fucking absurd these days. Everybody just does way too much damage. Hell even tanks can burst anyone not a tank down. Most tanks arent really TANKY, they just have enough stats to live long enough to do THEIR burst damage before YOUR burst damage can kill them. Tanks should mean they can survive for a while and disrupt a fight and not die in seconds. But no, in LoL, tanks mean you are semihard to kill and also bursty and try to burst them before they get through your few extra stats. And Riot knew this was total BS so they added a bunch of extra descriptions that dont really exist to shepard champs into their "classes" and make it seem like there was a reason for it. Even though most tanks are still just harder to kill assasins. And dont give me that bs about "kiting and keep away and cc and engage ect" Most tanks have engage/mobility or hard CC and shit like that, it really isnt hard to get on top of a squishy somewhere and blow them up in a second or two. Most cases just a flash and whatever CC ability you have to start your combo and boom they are dead. How is a tank killing someone so fast? Plus, Riot seems tho think flashy plays, which is all they care about not for esports, means crazy damage and crazy burst EVERYWHERE. Its not a flashy play because it was a GOOD play, its a flashy play because person A burst the shit out of person B C and D. Burst burst burst. That name should be a stat nowadays. Items have gotten dumb. The adc class has massive preferential treatment, getting all their power quickly and for cheap. Mage items are shitty and a huge number of mages built pretty much all the same things. Morellos is like the only mage item mages really want that has CDR. Considering CDR is so important on a class that is so reliant on abilities you would think more ap items would have it. The only other ones really are defensive or have gimmicks they most mages dont really want, especially in this era of damage or gtfo. And why does nearly EVERY tank item have cdr? Like they need more opportunities to blow you up. And AD items are just disgusting overall. AD items are far superior to AP items. A full AD team can win easy, a full AP team will get creamed. Even full AD vs "balanced" ap-ad the AD team still have an even chance at worst case scenerio. AP isnt even worth playing. ADC's being a cornerstone of the game is BORING AS FUCK. Rigt click to win just is not fun. RNG Crits are not fun. Whichever adc gets a kill or two first bot lane winning SIGNIFICATLY statistically most of the time is not fun. The game used to be ACTUAL protect the adc. Cause yeah they were important if you could keep them alive. Now you only have to keeo the alive for a second during a team fight, once they burst their first kill with crazy fucked damage the teamfight is generally over. They will own and kill everyone/mop up the fight. There is no coming back, no outplaying, have someone die first, run away or feed. Top lane has become the most fucked up of all lanes. The biggest Paper Rock Scissors bullshit ever. Whoever picks the right champ, generally, wins. There is no "outplaying", you pick the counter, or get countered and just scrape by what CS you can till teamfights and hope you arent TOO fucked so you can still help. Thats assuming you team wasnt the one adc died once or twice on and gg anyways by then. I dont think any lane has such "hard counters" as top lane. Because defensive stats dont mean dick till way late, you either get the advantage fast, or you are useless most of the game. Short games. Who thought 15-25 min games were fun? Sure maybe for the newer players, because face it, newer gamer are getting dumber and less involved. The people who MADE this game, were the ones that liked it because matches were hard fought battles. Even before hour games werent even common, but they happened a fair amount and were always games that were winnable. Now, games are usually ALREADY decided by 5-10 min. Even pro level games I watch you can already tell who won in this time frame most of the time. It has gotten predictable as shit. Sure, every game has a chance. But that chance is so insignificantly small it isnt even worth giving any credit too. "Suuuuuure, you always have a chance! But there is a 98% chance you are losing this match so good luck on that 2%!". Even if you have a long game often its not because you have a chance, but just cause the other team doesnt know how to effectivley close out a game, but they will still win by inefficiently bleeding you to death. Which reminds me, WHY EVEN HAVE A SURRENDER TIMER? "Oh you have to wait 20 min to surrender(15 if unanimous) Wtf why? If everyone wants to leave the shithole match, because there are SO MANY of them, let em fuckin leave!! Sure maybe tweak things for ranked or whatever, dont care, but if in a normals match 4 out of 5 people want to leave the match at 5 min, or at 3 min cause someone picked something dumb (because league isnt set up to allow odd picks), then let them. The winners get their win, the losers can get the fuck out of that torture instead of spending another 15-20 min of their life losing badly with no realistic chance to save things. What options do you have in those games? Try to split push and hope they are retarded? Having a 5v5 mid lane and slowly retreating repeatedly isnt a fun game. cant blame people for quitting match when it becomes unfun. And if you dont have a chance to win its unfun. So let everyone leave. Which also reminds me, I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE PRO SCENE!!!! Good for fucking E-Sports. I mean it, if some dudes can make a living playing video games, I COMPLETELY support that. But DONT HOLD ME HOSTAGE TO ESPORTS! Most people who play arent pro scene esports players. Sure, some people are REALLY good at the game, and can do things most people cant. But because a tiny tiny cross section of the people that play the game can make something strong or use this strat or that, lets nerf shit left and right so it affects the ACTUALLY community, regardless of whether it ruins this item or that champ forever for everyone else. Stop with the Esports central desicion making. If people tell your game to fuck off for being such unbalanced garbage, esports isnt going to really matter is it.How about make your average player a priority in all desicions. Runes suck. Some champs benefit massivley, and some champs struggle/have no good options. Thsi further exacerbates the severe champ balance problems. Sure we can hope you balance things down the line or maybe add new things, but soncidering thigs have gotten worse MUCH faster then you guys actually fix anything, i dont see runes ever being fair for all champs. /rant. People may disagree and these are just my opinions and thats fine. But i hear all these brought up by people consistantly one point or another, so i know its not just me. I just wanted to share my opinion. I am legit uninstalling now, there are just to many other games actually worth playing and more reliable FUN then this game. Peace
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