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You can think of it what you like, but I'm going to "debunk" or whatever with logic and critizism so we can be for real. This post by Riot Maple Nectar needs some sense spoken into it because it is kinda disgusting. >> **Player perception is something we talk about frequently when we’re working on champions (particularly polarizing champs like Zoe, Yasuo, Zed, etc.), though very rarely does it influence whether we take action on a champ in a vacuum. A very common statement that we’ll hear is “X champion is frustrating to play against,&rdquo**;< Fair enough, but do you take into concideration what the roles of the champions actually are? Zed is an Assassin, he needs to hit you with every Q, he has NO cc and he's an Assassin so of course he's meant to do damage. And believe it or not, he has cooldowns and also there is counter play to him especially with all the Stopwatches people get for free these days. Exhaust + when he Ults he will always appear behind you so you can CC him that is already known. Zoe is a Burst mage. She deals damage aswell but is she supposed to have VERY LOW cooldowns, more range and a 1 hit Q that you can spam all day? She shouldn't deal of what would be **a whole combo of an Assassin** with a SINGLE abbility aswell as have an E sleep that you can spam all day aswell. Please refrain from comparing Zoe to Zed or Yasuo. It's disrespectful of how little you know. Comparing a melee Assassin to a ranged Burst mage, those are two different things. >> **All of the above impact your perception of a champion, but not all of them are indicative of a problem. If Zed takes you from 100% hp to 0% by hitting all his shurikens + ult + duskblade + ignite, should we nerf that? As an assassin it means he did his job, and nerfing him so he couldn’t kill you would remove him from ever being considered a viable champion. What we should do is make sure you have tools at your disposal to help you handle these situations (in this case, building armor or getting a GA or Zhonya’s), but our response to the perception that “Zed is frustrating” should not just be to nerf him.**< I am glad that you recognize that about Zed and that he needs to hit all of his shit, he deals damage as an Assassin and he has a Zhonyas to counter him and a little bit of smart play. What tools do we have about Zoe? What counterplay does Zoe have when she makes a oneshot everytime her Q is up to a different opponent? She has skillshots, but those "skillshots" that Zoe has, have a VERY LOW cooldown, making it spammable and not skilled to hit them at all. Even if you are Faker and dodge some of them, eventually you'll end up dead anyways no matter how many you dodge because of such a low Q and E cooldown. (And keep in mind, you have to dodge the E aswell as the Q) If you don't dodge the Q, you'll get oneshot. If you dodge the Q but don't dodge the E, you'll get oneshot then. And if you dodge both, another rotation of them is comming right back at you :D What items for squishy midlaners do we have to counter that? Especially someone that isn't as mobile and can't dodge her Q's at all. >> **To summarize—we utilize player perception as flags for potential problems that we need to dig into, but they aren’t necessarily an immediate call to action that something needs to be done.**< What this says in the whole for the post is pretty much: "We think a ranged Burst mage should have low cooldowns and be an Assassin! And we will ignore every other "perception" that you have and confuse it with frustration because we think you all are just playing with us and are just simply "frustrated" hehe xd! **Frustration** and **Perception** are two different things. DON'T, just don't wash it off as just frustration when there is clearly a problem with the balance of Zoe. If you do this for every new champ you create "Oh they're just frustrated because it's like Yasuo!" then you'll have a problem, or oh.. do we as everyday players have the problem and you just don't seem to get it?
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