Kindred Players! Regarding the mini-rework RiotRepertoir mentioned for kindred 2 months ago. Part 2!

# Next post is being delayed to tomorrow. Family stuff :P # Some info before we start: If you didn't see the first post, I would recommend you read that one first. You can find it [here]( [Here]( is a the survey I used to come up with some of the ideas in this post. [Here]( are the results of the said survey. If you have already taken the survey please **DO NOT** take it again. #WARNING: This Post is a continual post meaning there will be another version made every day until the posts are done I will have a link to each section of the post on each post. *** #Riot's Ideas for Kindred According to RiotRepertoir, RiotWreks (the main creator of Kindred) had a few ideas for them about 2 months ago. The post can be found [here]( > * Generally making marks a bit easier to acquire, but a bit less powerful per mark. * Marks being able to spawn in either jungle, rather than only the opponents'. * Reducing mark warm-up time on enemy champions to try and get a cleaner balance between champion and jungle marks. * Removing W -> Q interaction and just having Q's cooldown reduced when it hits a champion or monster. * Increasing W radius to let Wolf feel more useful instead of it being primarily a mobility enabler. * Or some other effect to accomplish the same goal of making Wolf feel more useful. * Possibly just base 550 range instead of the increasing range with marks. * If the above are a too powerful, probably some base stat or damage nerfs here and there. So I'm going to present a lot of ideas that could work with Wrekz's vision of what Kindred should have changed. **TLDR:** I will make suggestions based off of Riot's ideas. Riot's Ideas: * Kindred marks to be easier to acquire but less powerful. * Make Q independent of W * Make Wolf more useful * Maybe increase range and destroy range increase with marks * Nerfs if rework makes them to good. *** # Ideas for Kindred's Passive **Notice:** each idea presented here is **SEPARATE** from one another. * **1.** This idea tries to make marks easier to acquire Marks now start in Kindred's Jungle. Marks now start spawning at 1:30. (when Blue and Red buff spawn) Marks spawn 30 sec after a mark is killed. Marks are displayed as perfect information to the enemy team. Marks now do less for each ability, but are gained more reliably. Kindred's range is now 550 and does not scale with marks, or Kindred's range is 500 but scales 10 range per mark. Lamb marks take 5 seconds to activate instead of 8. Lamb marks have a 60 second cooldown instead of 75. * 0-4 Stacks: Gromp, Krugs, Raptors, Wolves (Kindred's Jungle) * 5-9 Stacks: Scuttle Crab, Gromp, Raptors (Enemy Jungle) * 10-14 Stacks: Enemy Red, Blue buff, Wolves, Krugs (Enemy Jungle) * Epics always give stacks * **2.** Wolf's marks stay as is, but allow Kindred to take them without the enemy always knowing where Kindred is headed. Marked monsters are **NOT** shown to the enemy team unless the enemy has sight of the camp while it is marked. Marked camps disappear on the minimap of the enemy team 15 sec after it has been taken without enemies having vision on it. Lamb marks take 5 seconds to activate instead of 8. Lamb marks have a 60 second cooldown instead of 75. **TLDR:** 1. Marks are easier to get but still able to be counter-played by the opponent. Reduced mark power 2. Marks are harder to counter-play therefore making them easier to get. Same mark power Next post will be tonight or tomorrow regarding Kindred's Q! Cya then! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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