@Riot Meddler/Reav3s - Where is Mage Itemization/Rune Update Promises?

Mage itemization lacks a lot of things that different types of champions do. We have battle-mages, artillery mages, enchant mages, on-hit mages, mage assassins and so many more different classes of mages. The fact that mage itemization is so bland, one dimensional and not very specific towards one or more classes of champions . . . . makes many of us wonder why is nothing actually being done? The mage itemization updates, a season or two ago, didn't address the fact that mage itemization is severely lacking when compared to other roles and classes of champion. The problems are very evident when we look at a champion like Diana who is supposed to be this on-hit mage-assassin thing. How can a champion like Diana ever thrive in a environment where there is hardly any itemization that she can use? The problem isn't the champion but the fact that Developers are extremely lazy and refuse to address the problems. Mage champions like Diana and so many others, need itemization they can use. If Developers want to create a type of champion like Diana then they need to create better itemization for champions like her. I mean, AD assassins get it and they can even use other roles itemization. Let's also talk about the fact that runes for the Sorcery tree almost all revolve around increasing movement speed and it's very lackluster. Developers were told we wanted more original concepts for the Sorcery tree and they didn't do it. When parts of the tree revolve around doing the same exact thing, why play in that tree compared to the other three that offer more versatility and fun? The game was promised a better mage itemization and runes update. The game has yet to receive it. Developers promised work on mage itemization and runes to make it better and more unique. The problem is not champions like Diana but the fact that there's hardly any itemization she can use.
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