Why are you complaining? This is exactly what you wanted.

I've been around for over five years now, and in that time, I've come to learn too well about the self-contradictory mindset of the League community. I've also seen Riot concede to the community far more often than they should have, giving you exactly what you want, only for you to suddenly realize you don't want it and throw it back in their faces. * Several years ago, you complained that games took too long when they were about thirty minutes on average. So Riot nerfed all of the turrets to the point that you can potentially get your first turret at level 6-7, 5 if you are really good. Not to mention the extreme bursting power of most of the champions now. And yet now you complain that not only are games too short, but that games have a foregone conclusion before you even get in the lobby. * People have been clamoring for a support/assassin forever, and an AD support. You get Pyke, who fulfills both of these criteria, and you complain about... well, everything about him. * You complained way back when that the support role was utter shit that nobody wanted to play and had no impact in the game. You say the same thing now while at the same time finding the balls to claim that supports have too much impact on the game, even though up till now, you, as the top, mid, jungle, and bot were more than willing to shirk every responsibility that wasn't getting pentakills forever on the support. This isn't Riot making decisions and ignoring what you want; this has been Riot doing EXACTLY what you have wanted for years, and then some.
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