Lamb and Wolf

Already the champ is getting hate, but people are ignoring how well the abilities work together and how it all fits the theme of the champion well. Can we at least appreciate that before going on a rampage about how it's just a generic, cancerous champ with no creativity whatsoever? Actually, Lamb and Wolf does have elements of creativity. People complain that the Q is "just" a Kalista passive, but ignore fact that (1) it has an element of shooting three arrows at three random targets, which is something new and (2) it's not as spammable so that it's on every single auto attack. Same thing with their E. Yeah, I'm not going to deny that the 3 AA % health true damage sounds cancerous, but realize it's not a passive. It's an ability, and I doubt it's going to be something you can cast very often. It's meant to be a good ganking tool that you'll end up using once in a gank, not multiple times. Kindred's W is pretty cool, let's be honest. It's pretty interesting concept that includes Wolf while also giving benefits of using Q while in the zone. It also works well with their E ability, since I'm assuming Wolf autos will proc it (not sure about this actually). And then there's the ult. An "AOE Tryndamere rip off ult" as some would call it. But really, Riot has included virtually every single mechanic in the game you can think of. Having different variations of mechanics is what makes the game interesting, and this ult is actually pretty interesting, since it applies to ALL units within the area. If we're going to say it's just a generic carbon copy rip off of Tryndamere's ult then we might as well say that every single damaging ability in the game is the same because they all do damage. It sounds stupid, and that's because it is stupid. Anyway, I thought this champion idea was cool. I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but I haven't yet seen a single positive thread for the champ and I wanted to give a different opinion. Thanks for reading.
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