World's is the worst time of year to be a League player

The balance is always completely messed up due to pro play. Oppressive picks who aren't issues in pro play like Lee get buffed while dead champions who are strong in pro play get nerfed. It's also the most stale time of the year content wise because the meta is stabilized for months and Riot holds new champions and reworks until after Worlds to be released. It's just... garbage. Worlds 2017 caused a massive number of my real life friends to quit League because for half the season Riot refused to do anything to Ardent meta. "Durrrr Worlds is in like 6 months we can't do nuffin." Honestly I'm feeling the pull this time around myself but I stick to it because even a trash heap League is more replayable than other games. Notice I didn't say more fun, there's just more to do here after a long period. If you're a League fan who just watches I'm sure it's fun, but those of us who play the game just have to deal with a 2-3 month period where the game is worse than normal.
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