Yorick and Illaoi should have been mages.

What do Illaoi, Yorick and mages have in common? They're well within their rights to harass melee champions from afar. What do Illaoi and Yorick have that mages don't? If you close the gap on them, they just _get even stronger and refuse to die._ I know they're "juggernauts." But like Morde, Garen and Darius, juggernauts are supposed to be melee-based and kiteable. Sure, Illaoi and Yorick are _melee champions,_ but Illaoi can just sit behind her wave of minions and spam her E all game, because every time she hits you with her E, you've basically lost your lane for the next 10 seconds. Yorick literally only has ONE ability that's melee range, while everything else can be done from afar. If they know they can't kill you, they just keep harassing until the end of time. But once you're low enough, they can easily initiate an all-in on you. And Yorick's ult, holy shit. Yorick is like an actual SKUNK. If he feels even slightly threatened, he just ults, spams his M7, laughs and runs away. You might think, "Haha, I baited out Yorick's ult." But then it starts attacking you. And it won't stop attacking you. It just doesn't stop! You wanna try to kill it? He'll just start harassing you with the rest of his kit from a safe distance to punish you for it. You wanna just let it push to tower before safely disposing of it? Good luck, because the thing will keep on attacking you, and the turret won't change agro for it. It'll just keep hitting that siege minion while the Maiden keeps on whittling you down. That's sure fun and interactive. Juggernauts are supposed to be strong but able to be played around. Mages are supposed to be squishy but more safe. Yorick and Illaoi get the pros from both and the cons from neither.
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