Hey Riot. If over 70% of Players Disagree with a Change, Are You Concerned?

[](http://img15.deviantart.net/5a87/i/2015/029/0/c/karma_portrait_by_jutchy-d8fu2la.jpg) > EDIT: Please consider this really _small_ sample size more of an indication of popular opinion, NOT the argument itself. For the argument, please read the whole post. Nearly 150 people participated on my [recent Karma poll](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/MoyIEXtL-why-karma-should-be-able-to-shield-minions-and-why-not) about the upcoming E and RE changes. Turns out: _**74,3% want you to keep the minion shielding.**_ Fun Fact: The percentage of players wanting it removed is slightly higher in the Karma community, because - judging by the comments - they are annoyed by shielding minions on accident. Reasons to keep minion shielding: Karma currently can do some neat little tricks, that will be gone if the changes go life. * **EXTENDED RANGE:** Cast RE on a minion to shield/speed an ally that she otherwise couldn't reach in time (+600 extra range for clutch saves). * **BETTER PLACEMENT:** Cast RE on a minion that is more conveniently placed, so you can hit 1-2 additional allies (which happens more often than you think in pubs, because people don't position properly) * **TOWER PUSHING:** Cast E to make a minion take 1-2 extra tower shots (given that you can properly estimate how much you can shield). * **SWIFT ESCAPE:** Cast RE in a sololane to speed away with the extra 20% MS. I do understand that Riot opposes direct CS denial and thinks those "niche" things aren't worth keeping. But those are 4 options that made Karma more interesting to experienced Karma players; and frankly, Karma has become increasingly boring with nearly every touchup... which is weird, because [Riot Meddler admitted](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/u8w2u3ka-why-hasnt-karma-been-considered-for-the-mid-year-mage-update) already, that Karma has been _"bland"_, and _not "sufficiently satisfying"_ or _"distinct"_ enough since her rework. But hey, Riot, would you fancy a compromise? > Karma should probably be able to shield minions if she uses her mantra E and not be able to if she uses her normal E. > That keeps all the cool stuff that you mentioned (like distributing the mantra E and pushing towers) while getting rid of the negatives (won't accidentally shield minion instead of allies and you can't deny CS without burning your ulti). - _Kamquats_ If all of this didn't convince you; can you at least tell us your plans for Karma? Why you don't mind if she gets less exciting to play. Why you don't mind if she nearly exclusively uses mantra on the same spell all laning phase (i.e. removing one of the last "niche" uses for RE in soloanes). Or explain to us whether fanweapons, duality and shieldbombs are toxic ideas and can't ever be had on this champion (or on a different future champion, for that matter)? Or will we get the usual _"we currently don't have any plans for Karma, but probably there could be in 2-3 years under certain circumstances maybe if similar champions need something perhaps"_? I think the Karma community could use some words of clarity, since it's been spamming the boards ever since the changes went up on the PBE. In honest curiosity, SilverSquid
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