I'm not going to lie. I hate the new trinkets

There is so little vision the map now that even with people spamming blues off for vision (which is soon to be nerfed) that the actual wards on the map are kind of bad. You don't even get 100% uptime on 1 ward per person. Making the support once again the ward carrier. Yellow trinket needs to start at the old 60s vision 120 sec CD and then upgrade to 90s vision 90s CD at the very least. It would still be worse than last season, but at least I could say that there are at least 3 wards on the map that weren't because of the support because pinks are really hard to actually use now due to the lack of greens. This is because pinks often end up where a green ward should go or are simply found because no one has to look for wards anymore they just see spotlights saying hey look here free 15g unless the enemy is using it as bait. I much prefer the old system over this crappy new one. The blue trinket was finally seeing use and the map vision was so nice when people actually bought the upgrade. I don't think taking away vision hurts games, the problem is putting too much in. Instead now we are stuck with the not enough because dying from something that you had no clue was around is any more fun than trying to guess if you are standing on a ward.
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