Why are Skin Boosts limited to ARAM?

Just wondering why this feature is limited to ARAMs (excluding temporary game modes)? Or I should say the Howling Abyss to be more accurate. I dont understand why you cant do this on Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline. Especially in norms where people may not be playing their main or just trying a new champ. Is there any reason why this feature is limited? I can't see a reason why it should be. It's a win-win for Riot and the players. Riot gets a little bit of money and the players get a skin to use. They can also boost team morale and maybe help prevent some toxicity. I can't see it affecting skin sales really considering you only get to use the skin for one game. Thoughts? Can anyone think of a single drawback to having Skin Boosts in SR and TT?
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