Rotating Game Mode update / brain dump Heya guys ^_^/ thought I'd do a brain dump to answer a heap of questions I often see floating around boards and other places (I manage to read a fair bit of what you guys post everywhere, but don't always have time to jump in every thread <3)! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **RE RGM mode balance** I'll reiterate here what we posted last Friday in the weekly announcement. Our goal for rotating game modes isn’t to replicate the hyper-competitive environment of Summoner’s Rift, so we generally don’t perform heavy balance passes. However, we draw the line in extreme cases: when a champ can permanently stun an enemy (literally, in the old, non-figurative sense), or when a mode’s fundamental nature makes a champ unplayable. EG: Tahm Kench on U.R.F. and Brand in One For All could permastun without changes, and Bard on U.R.F. needed a faster chime spawn rate just to play the same mode as everyone else. Not all champions are expected to be equally viable in all rotating modes. Champions are designed and balanced around SR. In RGMs, there’ll usually be a few over- or under-performers, and we’re comfortable with that given the rotating nature of the queue. **RE specific URF balance suggestions** For URF in particular I saw balance suggestions raised more than usual (probably due to the snowballiness of the mode, low skill-floor and high skill-ceiling). For champion specific stuff, we would still follow the 2 rules outlined above, so let's talk about some of the other suggestions that were bandied around. -- Towers should shoot faster/do more dmg. -- Death timers should be lower. -- Homeguards should switch on quicker. In general, all 3 of these suggestions would increase game length (potentially by A LOT) and that's not something we want to do. Wave clear is pretty easy in URF, and we're hesitant to increase champ uptime that would make stalling out games any easier. RE death timers in particular, compared to URF last year, we have a ~3sec increase @20 mins. While this is mathematically almost insignificant, URF's gameplay probably exacerbates any feelings of _"This is taking forever!"_ (this is no different from last year though). Next time around on URF, we might explore some soft tweaks to alleviate these feels, but only if they won't dramatically increase game length. **Why RGM only on weekends / why only 3 days?** We realise that some players work on weekends, and we want to get to a spot that extends the queue into the week ASAP. Right now though, the vast majority _are_ able to jump in on the weekends, and it's the best environment right now for us to tweak the queue in. We're still keeping an eye on RGM before widening windows, but our goal remains unchanged to increase your guy's facetime with more modes, more of the time, each week. **Mode X where?** We're still forging the path atm with this stable of modes, and haven't even begun the first loop (Ascension returning soon though for the first time!) The modes you've seen so far represent the widest spread of gameplay with strong engagement. We'll consider other modes once the loop is up and running. **NURF mode where?** No... :( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hexakill: TT is up next this weekend! I'm also chilling in this thread to field any other questions. ^_^b --- L4T3NCY
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