Leblanc's winrate hovering around 46-47% since 9.6 nerfs please Riot compensate.

I'm sorry I got tired of complaining about her nerfs on reddit _**along with everybody else**_ so I'm here now. Riot's reasoning behind nerfing her q ap ratios in patch 9.6 were "we don't want point and clicks to be so strong" but her q poke was never an issue at least bring back the ap ratio to her q **detonation** instead. We need compensation buffs especially with all the indirect nerfs too. Leblanc was actually always balanced she has always sat at a 49% win rate regarding solo queue. Only reason she has such a high pick rate in pro games to this day isn't because she's broken, overpowered or unbalanced it's only because pro teams are able to coordinate and set up kills for her especially bot lane that's an entire different scenario. So the argument that "leblanc still has a high pick rate in pro play means she's fine" is completely incorrect **especially because** her recent nerfs which were aimed to reduce her pro play presence completely failed considering she's still a top pick for mid lane in pro play in one hand **while her solo queue is suffering on the other hand** with a 46-47% win rate. I don't understand the point of her q ap ratio nerfs because yeah she's "annoying" to go against but she's not as dominating as you think especially with her q. I just wanna quickly remind you It's all about checks and balances at the end of the day she still can't fight any bruisers or tanks or juggernauts or even fed adc's with mr sometimes. They've added mr runes and all sorts of counter measures recently, just build mr you have no idea how easy it is to shut down a leblanc's damage. An adc can build a lot of mr against a fed leblanc people just choose not to and then complain about her just like they do with any other mage who shits on them. I also want to point out that she falls off late game and I'm referencing pre-nerfed leblanc right now because as of today she doesn't even exist anymore early, mid or late but _**Seriously**_ she falls off hard late game. No leblanc main has ever said "wait til late game I'm a monster." EVER. The fact that they nerfed her directly numerous times **was fine regarding** the annoying aspects of playing against her but patch 9.6 went **over the top.** She's just a joke now. Even if you play her PERFECTLY you're still barely making it to the finish line and I mean barely. She feels awful. At first I was like ok she feels a bit weak I'll just play differently but the success barely ever came. The leblanc mains subreddit has been in a **complete meltdown** since 9.6 you just can't carry with her anymore and a lot of people who love that champion are being forced to play someone they don't want to just for the sake of climbing, mainly Ahri who still hasn't been addressed. Even top tier players are complaining on the subreddit that's when you know she's bad at the moment and her current win rate shows that. Her pick rate is falling rapidly and she's dropped tiers. I've been monitoring it CLOSELY for numerous patches now. I've stopped playing her as much as I used to and I wish I could without the fear of failing miserably. tldr: Please Riot at least compensate her for the nerfs you gave her I think buffing the ap ratio on her q detonation could help her a lot and it sounds reasonable to me anything else is welcome seriously. 9.6 didn't help her pro presence at all so you might as well revert her nerfs or just compensate her soon.
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