Promo Matchmaking So Fucked Up

Getting to promo in S1 I'm facing P5, G2, G4, G3, G3. First promo match in the series vs G3, G2, G3, G2, G4 I literally needing to play at a G3+ level in order to get promoted to Gold 5 out of Silver? what the fuck. If I'm beating those players just move me to low Gold already. This MMR vs ladder rank discrepancy is such shit says I'm at a 60% WR and G4 MMR yet its taken 6 games just to get into a series. EDIT: Going into promo from ~1500 MMR (S1/G5 level) games it jumps to ~1600 To series: 1621 Game 1: 1603 Game 2: 1590 After the loss in Game 2 MMR dropped to S1 level of 1521. So then I get dealt this game Game 3: **1655 vs G2, P5, P5, G3, P5 while being at a fucking S1 MMR** Just bc I'm in promos it gives you a big clamping roadblock game Game 4: Unranked, Me, S1, G2, G3 vs G3, G3, G3, P5, G5. Also going up in S1, that site's Match MMR: 1453 1499 1485 1509 1480 then at promos "boop hey lets crank this shit way up for the promo series!". Better win 4/6 to get promoted! 1621 1603 1590 1655 1608 Solid promo series matchmaking

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