.... I can't believe I decided to do this...

As much as someone like me hates ranked players, ESPECIALLY smurfing one's who duo or flex with someone at lower level on BLIND, ESPECIALLY you platinum diamond and masters ones, you who tou are, and what the hells wrong with you? Buuuuuuutttt despite all that..... I some reason decided to play rank.... And I gotta say, I've felt nothing at all different except for a few things that I'm sure even you know. Maybe it's because of who I main, and I don't know whether or not it's this, but maybe it's cause I play my main at a level like this or it's because of my rank placement. Idk. But yeah played for a bit, lost more than I won, and got sent to B1. Then after a few matches I was promoted to S4 which caught me by surprise cause I Wasn't expecting it so soon. Sad thing is I'm only great with one champion and thats because combined with my other accounts (that have all been banned.. Don't ask..) I have A LOT of mastery on her. Problem is, it's only her that I know how to play like that, I'm still learning about the rest and since I won't always get mid I need to find a way to master the rest like her. Idk if I'm really good on her and that's why I do alright in rank or if it's just luck, though I doubt it's that, hard to tell since she's a rare champion and not many main her in fact as far I know, only 2 KNOWN people main her. So idk who to ask or basically judge how I'm doing with her on a ranked level. But yeah, about the other champs.... *sigh* anyone got any tips on how to master them? I'll list a few. *sigh* why am I playing ranked... Top lane: {{champion:240}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:78}} Mid lane: {{champion:55}} {{champion:518}} Jungle: {{champion:203}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:421}} Botlane(ADC): {{champion:22}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:498}} Botlane(support): {{champion:16}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:223}}
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